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Incoming Students

Information for Incoming Students

Our study guide for Incoming Students is currently being revised. Please contact the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Medicine with your questions at:


When first arriving in Germany, there are usually many questions concerning the German academic system, how university life is organized, what needs to be taken care of etc. In the following you will find information that hopes to give a general idea about the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg and to help solve some of the initial problems that may come up. If you have more detailed questions, please don't hesitate to contact the International Relations Office of the Faculty of Medicine.


Informations for clinical electives

You are interested in taking a clinical elective at the University Hospital Freiburg? Please consider the following before applying:

  • Electives have to be 4 weeks per department minimum
  • Electives are always subject to availability, no guarantees can be given
  • Electives can only be organised for students from partner institutions
  • Electives will not be graded and there will be no exams. We can only provide you with a confirmation of stay.
    German language skills have to be fluent enough to communicate with patients and staff, so the daily routines on the wards are not disrupted. The departments are free to refuse applicants upon arrival if German language skills prove not to be sufficient.
  • We cannot organise accommodation unless specified in a bilateral agreement.
  • For information about the possibility of working as visiting student (clinical electives) or doctor at the University Medical Centre Freiburg, please contact the respective department directly at the University Medical Centre Freiburg. All departments can be found at


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